First courses 2

First courses

Polenta concia:

Polenta concia, or greasy polenta, is a typical speciality of the Gressoney area.

The ingredients are fine maize flour mixed with coarse corn flour, fontina cheese, butter and salt.

With the heat off, the fontina cheese cut into slivers is added with some butter, mixed again energetically and poured into an oven dish, greasing the surface with the remaining butter. It is this last step that gives the dish its name.

Onion soup au gratin with fontina cheese:

Onion soup gratin with fontina cheese, in dialect seuppa de s'eugnon, is a first course made with onions, butter, bread and fontina cheese. A layer of onion is alternated on the bread with a layer of thinly sliced fontina cheese until all the ingredients are used up. Everything is covered with a final layer of bread.

Broth is poured into the bowls, which must exactly cover the contents. When it is absorbed, bake in the oven until the surface of the soup is au gratin.

Crepes alla valdostana:

Crepes alla valdostana are a speciality that combines the refinement of egg crepes with the intense flavour of two of the typical products of our mountains: ham and fontina cheese, the main cheese of the Aosta Valley.

Maltagliati with mushrooms:

Maltagliati with mushrooms recalls the pleasant atmosphere of autumn walks in Alpine forests.

We prepare the pasta at home with flour and fresh eggs, kneading it by hand to make it firm and elastic.

For the sauce we use fresh porcini mushrooms, thinly sliced, which we sauté in garlic and deglaze with a glass of white wine.

This dish is best appreciated when eaten steaming hot accompanied by a glass of dry-tasting wine such as Arnad-Montjovet from Valle d'Aosta.

Risotto with fondue and mocetta:

Risotto with fondue and mocetta is prepared with two typical Aosta Valley products: fontina cheese and the chamois meat sausage also known as motzetta.

Risotto with porcini mushrooms:

Risotto with porcini mushrooms: the tastiest of first courses prepared with the most prized of mushrooms.

Chestnut gnocchi with Bleau d'Aoste:

If chestnut gnocchi were once a poor man's dish, today they are a gourmand's delight that becomes even tastier when seasoned with Bleu d'Aoste, a herb cheese typical of the Aosta Valley.

Gnocchetti with fondue:

Gnocchetti are one of the typical first dishes of the Aosta Valley.

In winter we prepare them with a mixture of chestnut flour, milk and eggs.

In summer, we choose fresh nettles as the main ingredient.

We serve them covered with a fondue made from DOP fontina cheese.

Maltagliati with walnut and sausage pesto:

Maltagliati with walnut and sausage pesto is the ideal pasta dish for those who like creamy, strong-tasting sauces.

Maltagliati is kneaded and processed by hand with flour and fresh eggs. The pesto is prepared with walnuts, olive oil and cheese. We crumble the sausage in a pan and when it is well browned we mix it with the pesto. We then add the pasta and stir it until it is cooked through.

We recommend enjoying this dish with a good glass of red Valdostan wine such as Arnad Montjovet.

Tagliatelle with duck ragout:

We only choose quality duck meat for our duck ragout. The ragout must cook for at least an hour before being served with our strictly handmade tagliatelle.

Soup alla valpellineintze:

Soup alla valpellineintze, or Valpellina-style soup, is a first course made with meat, cheese and Savoy cabbage. It is a rich and hearty mountain speciality that is enjoyed especially on cold winter days.

The ingredients are fontina cheese, lard, ham, bacon, minced beef, oil, butter, Savoy cabbage and toasted bread. In a buttered oven dish, one layer of toast, one layer of meat sauce and one layer of cabbage together with sliced fontina cheese, continuing until all the ingredients are used up.

Finally, pour in the leftover broth and let the dish rest for about ten minutes before baking it in the oven for about an hour.